8ish is a story about Sean O’Shea, the family business, their connections to the IRA and gangland London.

Sean returns to London after a long absence and leaving a bad relationship. Up until recently the O’Shea’s have been carrying on without him, running ‘8ish’ – a nightclub in the heart of London and the front for all of the O’Shea’s organised crime. Sean’s return is timely however, as Uncle Bill’s health is failing. He agrees to step in and take over, to lessen the load…But soon being in charge becomes very, very complicated and his presence is not entirely welcome.

As well as gangland fighting, rivalry and deception Sean has to deal with divorce, death, dreadful family secrets, the truth about his father and finally falling in love again.

He’s had enough but this time things are set in stone and cannot be reversed….Or so we think.

Sean starts making plans to lead a normal life. When it’s time to get out – it’s time. He’s going to have to remind everyone he’s not a person to be messed with… And they’re all going to realise this the hard way.

8ish is very much an adult crime thriller but also has some very clever and light-hearted moments.

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